'Arpoon Checksum 1.6'



Arpoon Checksum computes checksums of files. A checksum (message digest, hash value) is a kind of fingerprint that enables to uniquely identify a file or document. This can be used for authentication purposes or to track document modifications.

By way of example, this tool can be utilized to:

  • uniquely identify a given file, thus using the checksum as a fingerprint.
  • survey a file i.e. to check if a file as been modified by comparing its actual checksum with a previously archived value.
  • look for possible duplicate of files by scanning hardware storage devices (hard disk, DVD, CD, memory sticks...)
  • verify the authenticity i.e. genuineness of a fingerprinted document that has been sent to you (e.g. as an EMail attachment or by way of a download) by comparing its on-the-fly computed checksum with its (publicly available) stored fingerprint.

Computable checksums:

MD5, Adler, CRC32, SHA1, MD4, MD2, RIPE 160, SHA256 and ELF

Builtin functionality:

  • Drag&Drop of files or directories
  • Recursive calculation for directories strucutres (optional)
  • Result list can be sorted (ascending/descending) by every single checksum type
  • Link to files can be resolved (optional)
  • Hash values can be displayed as hexadecimal or as a MIME-compatible base64 code
  • Display of detailled file properties like attributes, size, date of creation...
  • Result list may be exported to the clipboard or saved as CSV or HTML files
  • During long run calculation, the computing progression is displayed
  • Statistics on computation (average speed rate, file size ...) are automatically collected
  • A warning message may be displayed before a time consuming computation is started
  • Multiple files computation may be aborted during the calculation
  • Checksum calculation for a very big files may be aborted too
  • All options are maintened in an Ini-file, which is automatically saved in the current user's application data directory, allowing a per user configuration
  • Runs under Windows 98 SE, Windows XP up to Windows Vista operating systems


Screenshot of the main window
Main window of the application

Screenshot of the file information dialog
Detailled file information dialog
Screenshot of the programm options dialog
Programm options dialog


Usage of Arpoon Checksum is not binding and without obligation. Though, it premises the aknowledgement of the terms of use and disclaimer of liability/warranty.

  • Current version: 1.6
  • License: Freeware
  • Download link:
  • File date: 2007/08/05
  • File size: 483 Kilobytes
  • Checksums of the executable programm file 'checksum.exe':
    • MD5:31C618A95C99C197F10DF2B1BB7664AD
    • Adler:2515BC6C
    • CRC32:CF5F261D
    • SHA1:687816D963B98BADB2BEFBFA892E9C79872676B7
    • MD4:0955B50BB6B36DEAB3BCA6A5F99CFE04
    • RIPE 160:4F0E0148E8CA0144EFABA33172C8BF781C43811A
    • SHA256:30A2607E4F454B0A57319796CA4367503B4FB9A6396EFDC59536B45FF397B812
    • ELF:0D3273F0
    • MD2:C8725AEF191E5C4A2FC9D098C1A32C95

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